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Fly Fishing for Bass Part 1... Why I Fish for Bass.

Fly Fishing for Bass Part 2... "How you doing Mr. Bass?"

Fly Fishing for Bass Part 3... A Seasonal Guide.

Fly Fishing for Bass Part 4... Fishing Locations and Fly Selection.

Fly Fishing for Bass Part 5... The Complete Angler.

Fly Fishing for Bass Part 6... Pattern Fishing

Fly Fishing for Bass Part 7... Bass Fishing on Foot.



"WIENER DOG FLY FISHING"... World Premiere! 

Just when you think you've seen it all!  Well... you haven't.  The crew of The Freshwater Fly present...


Witness for the first time on film... the catch and release of a "Wiener Dog" on fly rod and reel.

"It's about a 15 pounder!"
Take a trip into "Wiener Dog Fishing Country"...  watch it here! And you thought Musky Country was kick ass.

And for real people!... this is meant to be a spoof, no wieners were hurt!!!  We love hairy critters.

7 min. 30 sec. of FUN!  Watch it HERE...

Wiener Dog Fly Fishing... The Revolution makes an appearance in  THE DRAKE Magazine Website... Daily Blog! 


Oh yes!... I've been watching you.  I first saw you during your spawning season getting ready to make babies.  I could of easily caught you while you tended to your love nest... I know you're very vulnerable at that time.  But, out of respect and love for you I chose to let you be.  I again saw you a couple of weeks later.  I wanted to make you mine!  You took my offering and with one jump and a head shake you broke my line and my heart.  I saw you again today, you were slowly cruising that same shallow flat I've seen you on before.  I again tied on your favorite fly... a Murdich Minnow.  I then took a deep breath and in my best blue-collared sexy voice, I softly whispered to you... "Hello my big nasty girl... I love you.  Are you gonna let me touch you today? "

I quickly and nervously positioned myself in my Native 14.5 Watercraft and sent you a line... my offering landed just a few feet in front you.  Without thought you engulfed the candy!  With the strength of your big broad shoulders, thick belly, and wide tail fin you headed for the deep water.  You ran my 6 wt. down to it's backing!  Oh no... your not getting away Ms. Piggy.  I buried the top two feet of my FlyStik into the water.  I wasn't going let you surface and jump this time.  I regained the thin line that connected us.  And after a short, violent, and beautiful struggle you finally gave into my passion.  I touched you, and held you.  You were just as lovely and hefty as I thought.  But... I had to let you go.  I've caught many like you... and hope to catch many more of you!  So... just like my loves of the past... I must let you swim away too.  I hope you live to break many more fisherman's hearts.

Hungry!  Notice the crawfish already in his mouth.  He still wanted a Carptonite fly!  Matching the hatch.

The Murdich Minnow and Carponite flies.. from www.Greatlakesfly.com.

Remember!  Fight The Good Fight. Catch. Release. Fight Again!  Pick up trash trash you find in and around the water.  Bad fishing karma can be a real bitch to shake.


"My genuine love for Bluegills is very sincere... They were the first fish I ever caught on a fly rod.  And, those damn little fish inspired a 12 year old kid standing frustrated on the end of a weathered dock not to give up!  I was really struggling trying to teach myself to cast... I was about ready to chuck that 3 weight into the drink! Then it happened... That little beautiful fish with a such passion to fight, and willingness to take a fly hammered the yellow foam spider floating just a rod length away... I grabbed the line laying in a tangled mess at my feet and stripped in the loose fly line until I felt the undulating throb of the fish all the way down through the wispy 3 weight's handle... I never have forgotten that feeling.  And now 28 years later I still crave that feeling to this day... Thank you, little bluegill!  You just might be the most important little fish that swims for most of us.  Besides... is there any other fish that can remind us of youthful summer vacations, childhood fishing buddies, and Fourth of July family picnics at the local lake better than him?... Maybe not.  And yes... I finally did teach myself to cast a fly rod."


The Freshwater Fly Gear Review.

Charlie's Total Control Stripping Basket.

Now... I'm not saying I'm an expert by no means... I'm pretty much a dumbass... After all, I drink cheap domestic beer from Milwaukee, work on an automotive assembly line building Chevy's, fly fish for dirty bass, and try to cast big nasty bass flies with a leader that is way too long. But, sometimes I come across something of value!  I finally found a stripping basket that is close to perfect!...  Charlies's Total Control Stripping Basket!

I've experimented with a few and none have come close to the versatility and usefulness of this one!

In one or maybe two words I can sum it all up for ya'!... BAD-ASS.  It's also perfect to use as a stand alone basket for a small boat such as a kayak, canoe, or jon boat.  Seriously check it out.

Trust me... Go to the website, www.flyfishbasket.com Take a look and Watch the video!  I absolutely love it.

So anyways...
You want to see some coastal Michigan fishing sweetness?  Do you like gin clear freshwater flats and world class carp and smallmouth bass?  Well... you may want to visit The Great Lakes.  Carp and smallmouth season are just a couple of cases of beer a way!  It's almost time to...  "GO COASTAL!"


Great Lakes Shoreline!... Aerial Video.

This is where I call... H O M E !  Enjoy.  If you've never spent a bit of time along "The Freshwater Coast" you should.  If not?  Maybe this will inspire.  The fishing is pretty damn good too!  Cheers.

"No salt... No sharks."


"The Ultimate Fish Predator"

We as anglers are predators... no matter if you keep your prey or practice catch and release, (Fight the Good Fight! Catch. Release. Fight Again).  The one thing I've noticed is most Homo sapiens, ya' know humans, see a lot of things different.  For most of us our learning process is backwards.  Dude... its so plain and simple!  If you want to catch more fish and become the ultimate fisherman... the ultimate predator, you have to study what controls your prey.  For example... The Bass.  Bass are predators... so if you want to understand them you need to study what controls them.  To understand the owl you would study the mouse.  To understand the tiger you would study the deer, to understand the bass you must study the crawfish, the shad, the bluegill and so on.  Understand!  Yet we as humans study the bass so many times with little or no consideration for the study of what controls it.  So get out there.  Get on the water and start studying your preys, prey!  Go and do it!  It's the most important thing an angler can do in order to transform into... "The Ultimate Fish Predator" And remember, we humans have eyes in the fronts of our heads.  We are born predators!


New fly fishing for smallmouth video coming this spring!

"Check out the popping rod action technique they use to get the fly moving... good stuff!"

Michigan is home to many great freshwater game fish. In this DVD, Michigan guides Jon Ray and Kevin Feenstra explore some of the great waters of West Michigan for smallmouth bass. Both Jon and Kevin have a great deal of experience with these hard fighting gamefish. The complete DVD will feature tips and techniques, as well as detailed, step-by-step instructions for a handful of their favorite flies. Basics such as equipment and knots are also covered. This DVD is produced by Erik Rambo of Snap T productions. Erik is a professional videographer, known for his work in other fly fishing films. Music done by Mike Moran check out more of his work on his website.

Big Appetite Small Mouth DVD Trailer from Mangled Fly Media on Vimeo.


Kayak Fishing with Native Watercraft ... "These ladies got it down!"

Life is full of decisions... some work out good, and others... well not so good.  I will tell you one of the best decisions I've ever made was unloading my Nitro Bass Boat and buying a kayak! (Native Watercraft Ultimate).  Fly fishing from a kayak for the last 4 seasons has been by far the most fun I've had fishing... ever! I have fished acres and acres of skinny, shallow bass laden water that I could have never have even thought of fishing in the big boat.  I have caught more and larger fish from the kayak as well.  Being that you cannot cover as much water in a kayak as with a powerboat, has forced me to learn to read the water better and become much more attune to the conditions.  I've gotten closer to more fish and other wildlife than ever before.  Fishing from a Native Ultimate Kayak has made me a  better angler!  I guarantee it will make you one too.

Watching this video reminds of the good... No!... great decision I made!

Want to see some Native Watercraft Ultimate's in action... Check out these ladies!

Want some more info about the Native Ultimate?  Contact me... Jeff at thefreshwaterflyusa@gmail.com.  Native Watercraft Endorsed Fishing Guide


Bass Are Like Party Stores

"What is really cool about being a BASS Fly Fisherman is the total convenience of it all... BASS are kinda like party stores... If you need a fix?... Well, like party stores... you can damn near find one on every corner."